Seeking Ilm e Naafay

Each year, Pakistan produces approximately 445,000 university graduates across various disciplines, and a big percentage of them are struggling to find jobs. It is essential for students to learn "ilm e nafay" – knowledge that benefits them by enabling them to make a living and live a respectable life in Pakistan.


Creating Jobs and Revenue in the Digital Age

In the United States, the eCommerce, freelancing, and Web 3 industries are transforming the economy, creating millions of jobs, and generating billions of dollars in revenue. These sectors are not only driving economic growth but also offering unparalleled opportunities for individuals to achieve financial independence. With the right skills and knowledge, people in Pakistan can similarly transform their lives and contribute to the nation's economic progress.

Modern Skills Education:
Our courses by HelpHour educate the youth of Pakistan in the most modern and in-demand skills.

Expert-Crafted Courses:
Crafted by top industry gurus with real-time expertise, our courses ensure you start your journey with confidence.

Diverse Learning Paths:
Launch a successful eCommerce business, or dive into Web 3 technologies, we provide the right resources for you.

Google Ads Guru Training Program

Google Ads Guru Course For Marketers, Entrepreneurs, And Small Business Owners. Win Back Your Business From Your Competition By Really Learning And Practicing Google Ads With ECommerceWala.

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Expert-Crafted Courses for Career Growth

Our courses are an initiative by HelpHour to educate the youth of Pakistan in the most modern and in-demand skills. Crafted by top industry gurus who have real-time expertise in making dollars, these courses ensure that you start your journey with confidence and competence. Whether you want to master freelancing, launch a successful eCommerce business, or dive into the world of Web 3 technologies, we have the right resources for you.

Linkedin Optimization Course
Unlock the power of LinkedIn with our comprehensive course on profile optimization, networking st...
SEO KeyWords - Khul Jaa SimSim Khazana
This course equips eCommerce entrepreneurs and SEO freelancers with the necessary skills to excel...

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Seo Guru Training Batch 3
Primary objective of this training is to teach students how to bring traffic and customers to their website/blogs so they can offer their services to the market and can also learn how they can establish their own international brand.
Google Ads Guru
Learn how to create effective Google Ads campaigns from scratch, including selecting the right keywords, creating compelling ad copy, and setting up targeting options to reach your desired audience.
eCommerce Guru - Guide/Secrets to start Your eCommerce Brand
Learn to build and scale profitable eCommerce ventures with our expert-led course.

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