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“HelpHour is the culmination of our vision; a vision to give back to community, and to enable our people to be self-sufficient in every aspect of life.”

Asim Sharif
Director at HelpHour

Why students love HelpHour?

Helping others may open up people/companies so quality, instead unconditionally help others may open up people/companies. Abondance of oppertunities of learning and earning making fortune for both.

Online Courses

Acquire in-demand skills with our free online courses created by industry experts to prepare for an apprenticeship. Our courses are also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Work Experience

Get career-related work experience by working 1-on-1 with industry professionals. Acquire the skills required to be successful.


Once you have experience in marketing, HelpHour makes it easy to let the world know about your success by showcasing it on your resume

Why businesses love HelpHour?

Most difficult part in establishing any business in Knowledge age is top quality experienced, trust worthy HR and Team. It definitely costs a lot in developing such resources and HelpHour is providing you all this for free.

Affordable Marketing

Save up to $1000 per month by working with an apprentice. Access to the tools and marketplace is only a small $49 monthly fee.

Multiple Apprentices

Work with multiple apprentices to form a small marketing team. We provide the tools and resources to manage tasks, projects, and communication.

Giving Back

Provide feedback and guidance to your apprentices on their work. Your help goes a long way to get our students the experience they need to land a job.

People love us

Join companies, students, academic institutions and thought leaders in education technology around the globe.

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“We are shaping the future of digital and eCommerce industry in Pakistan, through technological exposure in these fields. We developed HelpHour Academy to create an eCommerce ecosystem.”


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“HelpHour eCommerce Summit is Pakistan’s first ever live, interactive 4-days summit, offering class, group and one-on-one training sessions with the top professionals in the digital industry. ”


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“Arfa Karim Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that serves the community of Pakistan by providing support to key players in three core areas: Education, Social Innovation and Community Development.”


Usman Chughtai
eCommerce Wala
Team HelpHour

“HelpHour reflects our sacred passion to digitize and create a technologically advanced Pakistan, to promote a collaborative ecommerce ecosystem in Pakistan.”

Zakki Mehmood Mughal
Web Developer
Team HelpHour

“Working with HelpHour has been an experience of a lifetime; a great learning opportunity.”

Aamir Mehboob
Web Developer
Team HelpHour

“HelpHour is the ultimate website for all your learning needs; a platform catering needs of people from all industries.”

Farah Rashid
Team HelpHour

“HelpHour is the pioneer e-learning project in Pakistan; a unique learning space.”

Qais Ali Abbas
Senior Software Engineer
Team HelpHour

“HelpHour website has been meticulously designed to help the users get the maximum benefits of online learning.”

Hamza Habib
Web Developer
Team HelpHour

“I am very confident that our users will find HelpHour website impressively interactive, and user-friendly. ”

Mahreen Saddique
Digital Markiting Expert
Team HelpHour

“HelpHour will provide you with the right skills to make an impactful change in the world.”

Zarafshan Maqsood
Google Ads Expert
Team HelpHour

“Working with HelpHour has taught me the true meaning of team work, and has helped me create a positive change in the society.”

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